Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Favorite Photos

This post is kind of long, but its just pics. I was looking through some photos
and thought I would share a few of my favorites!

Abbie and Chief, 1992. She loved that horse!!

Mclane on his blessing day,
soo little (if 10lb5oz is little) hard to believe
he is 6'3" and 18yr old!

Jamie at a tide pool at Sea World 2003

Sea World! Mclane, Jamie, Abbie,
June of 2003

JR, Scott, Debbie, Dana, Kerry, Dane
Christmas 2004 or 05

Jamie and Grandpa Redden, down at the ranch.
She is about 3yr old.

This is me with my dad at the ranch. I might
be just a year older than Jamie above, about 4yr old.

Jamie's baptism day!!

JR, Debbie, and Dane. Boy my hubby was sure
a cutie!! Not sure what they were constructing
that they needed the hard hats, but they look good!

Grandma Shakespear's lap is full of girls!
Abbie, Samantha, Amanda, Mclane's on the floor.

Jamie and Annalee on Bear Lake, summer of 2002?

Camping trip to Devil's Cove on Lake Mead. It was Easter weekend
1995 or 96. Taylor, stuffed in the floaty is
Mclane, Abbie, Samantha and Amanda!

Below is Mclane, Grandpa Shakespear, and Taylor
going for a ride on the 4wheeler.

This is 3yr old Mclane at Grandpa/ma Shakespear's.
He is singing "Christmas Is Coming, the Goose Is Getting Fat!!"
totally unprompted!! so cute, wish I had video.

This is Samantha, Amanda, and Abbie at
Grandma Dixies.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

weekend fun!

JR, Jamie, and I went on a road trip this weekend. We put Jamie in charge of the camera. These are just a few of the pictures she took. We had lots of fun, stayed the night in Ely. There was a road rally race and we were very lucky to get a room. It was very, very old but clean so all was good!

This is up Snake Canyon.

We went up to Leman Caves on Sunday. The Aspen leaves were changing. It was so pretty. We took a about a billion(or so) pictures!

This is the glacier up at the top of the Mount Wilson Loop, very dirty snow!!

More color!!

These are some wild horses up by Mule Shoe. They liked Jamie. All the times JR and I have been up there before we could never get any good pictures, they were all running away!

These were taken at Delmar. It's an old mining ghost town.

We had a wonderful time, even with all the wind, but it wouldn't be Nevada without the wind right?!
Jamie has started her own blog for her photography and art projects. If you want to see more great pictures head to

Thursday, September 16, 2010

new blog title

Our family blog has a new title because I had to explain the last one (an improbable fiction) to Jamie. She just gave me this look - like that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard - So now it's easy. Shakefam5 because we are the Shakespear's and there is 5 of us! How simple is that?

Sunday, September 12, 2010


So this little guy was crawling around in our front yard saturday afternoon. We called the Desert Tortoise Hotline, they're coming to get him monday night. Abbie has named him Heraldo. I refuse to touch him. He just gives me the creeps. He scratches at the box we have him in, and makes this kind of whistle sound. Creepy huh?!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Me and my cousins! Kaitlyn, Anna, me,
Moira Jane(know I spelled it wrong! sorry), and Isaac.

Here I am practicing hard at my cello! I am first chair in Chamber Orchestra at my middle school. I'm trying out for Honor Orchestra in October. I'm in the Symphony at LVYO (Las Vegas Youth Orchestra) I am very busy!!

Bird's nest on windmill's ledge.

Picture I took of the mountains in Nevada while we were scouting for Mclane's antelope this summer!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Last year was Mclane's senior year. He was his ROTC's Corps Commander! Here he is MCing their last award banquet. He did a great job. He looked so handsome in uniform. I wish I had formal pictures of him in it. I really miss his haircut! He refuses to cut it now!

Mclane shot this coyote at about 250 yds! I couldn't even see the guy! Grandpa Redden and grandpa Worthen would be proud!

JR is pretty proud of Mclane's first antelope as you can tell! He got it just before the sun went down. Good thing we had a flashlight in the truck, bad thing was it wasn't a very good one!!

Here's a close up of Mclane's antelope that he got Labor day weekend. He is a pretty good shot! The antelope is 14 in. tall. That's really good for Nevada!

Don't know why they made me get in there!


summertime updates!

Summer seemed to fly by this year. Everyone was so busy. Jamie and Mclane were gone, Abbie, JR, and I were just working.

We drew 3 deer tags and Mclane got an antelope tag so we spent alot of weekends scouting where the antelope in Nevada would be. Let me tell you, there is not many antelope in Nevada. I'm used to Wyoming I guess! In Nevada a count of 2 constitutes a herd!

The valleys are long and wide here as you can see. The antelope can see you coming before you can see them!